Thursday, February 8, 2018

Project Mouse | Fantasy ENAMEL PINS & ARTSY!

I am so excited to present our latest Project Mouse pins and artsy packs!! Krista & I have gone all the way back to our beloved "Fantasy" collection this time. We made a pack of enamel pins and a collection of messy, amazing, splatter artsy items.

As usual, individual packs are 20% off this weekend, but we wanted to give you guys an even better deal, so we bundled them together for just $4.99!! That's 33% off regular price. BUT the bundle is only available THIS WEEKEND! After Sunday, Feb. 11, it'll be gone, so grab this deal while you can.

“Project Mouse (Fantasy): Bundle 2”

“Project Mouse (Fantasy): Enamel Pins”

“Project Mouse (Fantasy): Artsy”

Aren't they awesome?! EVERY time we create these pins I tell everyone who will listen that I just WANT THESE PINS IN REAL LIFE!!!! Digital is so fun, but I would totally LOVE to have them as real physical pins. Don't you agree?!

Our new pins and artsy were made to coordinate with "Project Mouse: Fantasy". A real Project Mouse classic! We're also making the individual packs of the original Fantasy collection at 30% off just for this weekend as well! Do you remember how GREAT this collection is?! I just LOVE IT!

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Bundle"

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Cards"

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Elements"

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Papers"

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Word Snips"

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Word Art"

Here is the layout I scrapped with the classic Fantasy collection AND the brand new pins and artsy!!  This is from our Disneyland trip 2 years ago.  I can't believe how little my girls were!  Wow.  It's cliche, I know, but time really does fly!

And here is a whole lot of creative team eye-candy inspiration!!!

by Kelsy

by Justine

by Julie

by Heather

by Erica

by Fonnetta

by Jan

by Desiree Glaze (Sahlin Studio Creative Team)

by Kathleen Summers (Sahlin Studio Creative Team)

by Erica Webster (Sahlin Studio Creative Team)

We hope you love today's new release as much as we do! You can expect lots of these types of releases from us over the next several months! We are having a blast revisiting all our PM favorites to add pins and artsy!!!


Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday DEALS!! Don't miss out!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that all non-bundled Project Mouse packs are 30% off for Black Friday over at!!!! And all other non-bundled products are slashed to 40% off. Deals end Monday, so don't wait!! These kind of prices don't come along very often!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Project Mouse | Wizarding

What's UP, guys?? I'm so excited to be bringing yet another magical collection to you from Project Mouse. Krista and I have been up to no good! For a LONNNNNNG time now Krista has been begging me to do a wizarding themed PM collection, and I finally said, "ok". And I'm so glad I did! WE have had such a magical experience diving into this new realm.

We originally started Project Mouse as a solution to scrapping your magical vacations, and we know MANY of those magical vacations include a visit to Wizarding World. Mine haven't - my kiddos are too tiny for HP yet - but I do enjoy the books. Getting in deep with this series, getting all the magic and details for this kit has really opened my eyes to why so many people are so wizard-obsessed!!! I get it now!

Again, we just had so much fun making this kit and I feel like it really shows. True Potter fans are going to go bananas looking through every little element, phrase, and card design. It's just HUGE and AWESOME. I'm proud of us! haha!!

SO . . . welcome to school, kids! (be sure not to miss the FREEBIE alllll the way down at the end of this post!)

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Bundle

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Cards

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Elements

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Papers

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Alphas

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Word Snips

Project Mouse (Wizarding): Word Art

Check out all the BEAUTIFUL work our teams have been doing in preparation for this release!

by Krista Sahlin

by Fonnetta

by Erica

by Julie

by Kat

by Kelsy

by Tanya

by Heather

by Natasha

by Justine

by Isla Marks (TLP Creative Team)

by Sucali (Sahlin Studio Creative Team)

by Deekaa (Sahlin Studio Creative Team)

by Elisa Hubbard (Sahlin Studio Creative Team)

Right? RIGHT?!! So much amazingness. Holy butterbeer.

Ok - I have a little freebie for you!! Download and enjoy. And have a MAGICAL DAY, Muggles!

(click image to download)

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